When is time to create a savings?

Here is a small quiz of seven questions can give you some indications.

  1. Are you more than 30 years of age?
  2. Do you have or are you planning to have an investment portfolio designed solely for money independence?
  3. Have you started saving?
  4. Are you more or less secure in terms of your job and salary expectations?
  5. If yours regular expenses increased over the past year?
  6. Are you ready to forego non-essential expenses to maintain the up to now level of savings?
  7. Have you targeted a needing amount in case of necessity, and provide monthly based amount if your present income is reduced or stops?

If you cannot answer yes to all the questions, it is possible that you will not have sufficient money to do what you want when rainy days come.

So, how to be secured, or better say how to have enough even if something bad happened?

Shortly, what you can expect?