Some of the lyrics I translated by myself, so don't be mad if there are maybe some mistakes. If you find them, please let me know. You are also welcome to send me lyrics you would like me to put on this page  mail me

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Guano Apes                                      Deftones
Open Your Eyes Headup
No Speech 7words
Rain My own summer
Gogan Mascara
Don't you turn your back on me Passenger
Living in a lie Around the fur
Dödel up Be quiet and drive
Big in Japan Damone
Korn Dai the flu
Dirty Limp Bizkit
Need to Counterfait
Trash Garbage
No way Medication
4U The trick is to keep breathing
Shoots and ladders Nirvana
Incubus Heart-shaped box
Drive Lithium
The warmth Smells like teen spirit