Ugh!...shit...I'm going to court...

I recieved a letter a few days ago, from Mr Lawyer, telling me that the Cinderella story is offensive and that I have to remove it or he will sue...So I mailed Mr Lawyer back telling him to fuck off cuz I'm not removing anything and that I'll kick his ass in court...Guess I'll be doing time then...damn...


RIP James Lynn Strait (1968-1998)

on Wednesday, the 14th November, three years have passed since the vocalist of the band Snot died. 'In memoriam' some of the best artists recorded a tribute album for Lynn Strait, it's called "Strait up". He obviously left a big impression on artists like Jonathan Davis(Korn), Corey Taylor(Slipknot), Serj (System of a down), Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Lajon (Sevendust), Brandon (Incubus) and others who all are on the Strait Up album.
The gutitarist of Snot, Mikey, stated for 'Strait up':
"Through these songs we hope we shed some light on you, Lynn. We hope we see you in a better place. Love Mikey, Tumor, Shannon and the rest."


Korn, Adema and Linkin Park on tour!!!

they are excpected to hit Europe and UK in February the dates are expected to be announced soon


The newest Cinderella story

It was recently found out that the guitarist of a Dutch punk rock band Undeclinable is an enormously romantic guy(or suffering from a severe mental illness). At one concert,someone threw a thong to him. The thong was white with multiple colored flowers on it(see on the pic), probably the ugliest there is. But the guitarist smelled it and that was it; the strike of the arrow of Amor, love he couldn't deny; love on the first sniff. He never saw that girl (or even possibly boy) again, but he never lost his hope. He's trying out the thong on every girl(or boy) who smells a bit like the thong, but no one want's to try out the thong, cuz it's really ugly (just look at it!). Let's all keep our fingers crossed for the poor desperate man.

just fucking with ya;-)