Pepsi Sziget festival

     August the 6th , 2001 Budapest, Pepsi Sziget festival…an experience I'll never forget. I can surely say that it was a dream come true.
     I arrived at the Sziget area at about 7 p.m. I would've come earlier, but I didn't feel like listening to Hungarian bands. I only came there to see the Guano Apes. I found the area easily (just followed the ppl in Guano T-shirts). I was supposed to meet Dorio there, but we didn't see each other. I went into the crowd while a hungarian band, Anima Sound System was playing. I liked their instrumental music, but the singer was irritating me. She was wearing a orange(ugh!) top (you could see all through it) and light blue pants. The only thing I could understand of all her songs was "marijuana cha-cha-cha". It just couldn't get more sickening.
     The Apes were on at 9 p.m. After Anima went off the stage, the crowd just crushed together to secure their place for the Apes gig. I was standing there completely squished in the 2nd row among all those people. They were 30 mins late. I saw Stefan on the stage with some ppl who take care of tehnical things (or whatever they were). It felt so strange to see him only a few meters away from me. I have been an Apes fan for 3 years already, and this was the first time I saw one of them in person.
     And then they walked out on stage. I don't really remember just the way it was, all I know is that the crowd went completely mad and I just couldn't catch my breath. It was the first time a dream came true to me. I wished for that moment for 2 years, and it was there, right in front of me.
     I tried to take a photo, but that was really hard with everyone jumping in front of my camera, and I'm quite short, so I couldn't see well of the tall people in the 1st row. No wonder the pics turned out terrible. A guy in front of me kept hitting me cuz I was pushing to front, so I kicked him too. And we kept on pushing and slapping each other till the end of the gig.
     My fav part of the gig was when Stude stood on the drums. I took a pic, but it failed. They went off the stage and everybody started yelling: "Lords of the boards", so they gave us an encore. Sandra said: "What is the song you want to hear?" and everyone yelled: "Lords of the boards". I don't know what's up with that song, I don't like it much. But they didn't play it, they played 'Kumba Yo!'. Not one I like that much either. I din't hear what Sandra was saying before Dödel up. Something about what that song means to her. Damn, why didn't I listen more carefuly?!
    Anyway, they gave us another encore. They finished the gig with "Lords of the boards". I still don't understand why is that song most popular with Guano fans.
     I lost my belt during the gig so I stayed to look for it after the gig (bad idea). Of course, I didn't find it. I bended over the fence under the stage with some other ppl, so the security guys could splash us with water. It felt so good, I was all sweaty. I went to mingle around cuz I still had time. I saw some ppl at the backstage gate, they were waiting for autographs. I pushed among them to see the Apes one last time before I go. first Henning came, signed a few autographs and went away. Then Stude and Dennis came, so I exchanged a few words with dennis. The most often questions form other fans were about their new album. Then we waited for Sandra, but the tourmanager kept telling us to shut up. I think we were waiting quite a while. When she came, everybody rushed up to the gate and pushed me sgainst the fence (ugh!). I talked to Sandra for a few minutes, it seemed like it wasn't real. She is surely one of the ppl I appreciate most. All people who met her told me she is nice, I must agree with them. When I asked her to sign my arm, she drew a little heart on my hand. eally sweet.
     So, now I'm counting the days until the next Pepsi Sziget festival. I wouldn't miss it out for the world! Last time I went alone, but now I have tons of candidates who want to come with me next year cuz they got jelaous:-P
    hehe, just kidding...